What is Spatial Medicine?

A new Paradigm by Karin Locher

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Welcome to Spatial Medicine

Spatial Medicine heralds a shift to a science and cure more appropriate for the twenty-first century symptoms and syndromes we are seeing today. This neuromyofascial approach addresses how the body responds to its environment and recovers the self-organisation and self-correcting order and nature of its system, restoring optimum health and integrated function.

Karin Locher | Spatial Medicine is internationally recognized as a visionary institute uniting movement, mind, rehabilitation and performance professionals from all modalities. Drawing from the latest neuromyofascial insights and applications, it offers a new perspective to therapy, healing, and performance enhancement.

Begin with your own neuromyofascial system and build on your capacity for this awareness.  Improve your professional methods and stay ahead of the game. This is the medicine of the future.

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